A Note From the Devs

Hi Zircuit community! These are your devs checking in!

First of all, we’d like to welcome you to the Zircuit family. Thank you for being here! We all had a crazy week releasing Zircuit at Devconnect. A lot has happened, so we want to give you a brief glimpse into the technical evolution of the project.

❇️ Testnet Launch & Community Access

We deployed the release-candidate version of the Zircuit testnet on November 13, 2023, one day prior to our intended launch date. The chain appeared stable, which we considered a success, so we provided the community with early public access. Zircuit immediately picked up a lot of traction, which is essential for us to properly test the technology. Thank you all for that!

During this first week, we encountered three moments of degraded service. We successfully identified the causes and resolved the problems. To resolve our very first outage, we made the deliberate choice to reset the state of the network before deploying a fix. It was a wonderful exercise for us! We also sent ETH back to every account that bridged to Zircuit the first day, and took the opportunity to put some pressure on the network following the reset. We resolved the other two issues later in the week without any additional state impact. 

In all cases, and after a short period of reduced availability, the network continued in normal operations. We are appreciative of the smooth coordination with our partners at Chainstack who operate the public node that all of you connect to! 

💚 Observations & Early Feedback

Alongside the L2 network itself, we also released a block explorer, and an interface for our canonical bridge. We received overall warm feedback from the community, which we’re very grateful for as well. As with every release of a front end, there were some kinks. For instance, the users reported problems with completing their withdrawals from L2 to L1. With the kind support of our partners at Sudo Labs, we managed to promptly release an update to the block explorer to help the users with this struggle.

Finally, we observed some small discrepancies in the services indexing the Zircuit data for the block explorer. Those did not impact the community much, but still need to be fixed on our end. All of this is to say, the testnet is going great, and it is fulfilling its purpose!

🌱 A Growing Community & Future Plans

Since the launch, you—the community—provided us with a load of invaluable suggestions. We are paying very close attention to what you are saying and what you are asking for. We collected them all, triaged them, and they will be included in our development plans. 

In the short term, the community can look forward to some additional UX improvements for the bridge and the block explorer. We are also going to release support for the WalletConnect library and bring more responsive design to our web apps.

We are also currently planning next steps for the research and development of Zircuit. This will include topics such as feature-completeness required for our transition for mainnet and optimizations of the prover that will result in an even better user experience on Zircuit, such as shorter withdrawal times. Therefore, stay tuned- we will be back with more exciting updates soon!

Thank you for your support!

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