Zircuit Staking is Live!

👋🐱 Gmeow Zircuit Community! 

We’re super excited to introduce the Zircuit Staking Program, offering users the opportunity to stake ETH, liquid staking tokens (LSTs), and liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) to earn Zircuit Points. Zircuit is a new L2 backed by Dragonfly, Pantera Capital and Maelstrom.

Following the rapid growth of EigenLayer, Zircuit is leveraging a growing surge in interest around restaking protocols. The enthusiasm we've seen in just the first 24 hours has been incredible, with over $129M in total value locked (TVL) on the Ethereum mainnet.

❇️ Zircuit Points

The Zircuit staking program is designed to reward participating users and communities that help bootstrap native, day-one liquidity to Zircuit. Users can earn yield and points on their deposits, including the yield from ETH staking, EigenLayer points, liquid restaking protocol points, and Zircuit points.

Unlike other platforms, your assets aren't locked in; you can withdraw at any time, keeping all earned points and yields. 

🏃 How to Get Started

Ready to jump in? Head over to stake.zircuit.com and let the staking begin! If you have any questions, feel free to join us over at Discord, or check out stake.zircuit.com/faq for the most frequently asked questions. 

🫶 A Huge Thank You!

This milestone couldn’t have been reached without you- a heartfelt thank you goes out to our community for your outpouring of support! 🥰

We're looking forward to sharing more updates with you- stay tuned! 

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