L2 with AI-enabled security

Zircuit is a modular zk rollup with AI-enabled security at the sequencer level.

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Zircuit is an AI-enabled,
modular zk rollup powered by the
latest research in L2 technology.

Zircuit is a fully
zero-knowledge rollup
powered by the
latest research
in L2 technology.

Focus on security
Reduced fees
Faster transactions
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Unparalleled Features

Pioneering Research

Over the last year and a half, we’ve been at the forefront of research into topics like rollup security tooling, rollup compression, and scaling cryptography. This work has earned us multiple L2 research grants from the Ethereum Foundation.

AI-Enabled Security

Zircuit’s revolutionary approach will protect all transactions on the L2. Zircuit's AI security software runs in a specialized transaction sequencer that monitors the mempool for malicious transactions and prevents them from being executed. This approach can protect users from both smart contract hacks as well as bad actors executing scams on-chain.

Secure Native

Zircuit’s native bridge infrastructure incorporates best-in-class security architecture and safety practices. The canonical bridge is straightforward and easy to use while maximizing user security.

Cutting-Edge Performance

By decomposing circuits into specialized parts and aggregating proofs, Zircuit achieves greater efficiency and lower operating costs. Combined with larger transaction batches and accelerated proof processing, users benefit via faster and cheaper transactions.

Hybrid Architecture

100% EVM-compatible, Zircuit is the first zkEVM built on Optimism Bedrock, the leading rollup development framework. Our hybrid approach combines OP architecture with zero-knowledge proofs, and AI algorithms for security detection.

Ethereum Application

Zircuit works with all your favorite Ethereum apps. It supports all major wallets such as MetaMask, as well as tools like Hardhat. Deploy Ethereum dApps seamlessly without the need to learn a new programming language or framework.

R&D Phase

The team has authored and presented 12 papers on rollups, bridge hacks, scaling methods and more, while securing multiple Ethereum grants.

Private Testnet

Zircuit reaches a major milestone with the fully functioning internal release of the first  L2 combining Optimism’s Bedrock rollup infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs.

Public Testnet

Zircuit goes live at Devconnect in November 2023 with dozens of partners. Smart contract deployments are easy and fast, and everything that works on Ethereum works on Zircuit. Native bridge transactions are blazing fast.

Mainnet Launch

After testing, stability and optimization, the Zircuit mainnet goes live in a guarded launch. With a wide variety of projects ready on day 1, Zircuit hits the ground running. After a successful developer mainnet, Zircuit is open to everyone.